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The Forces March 2012

The forces march is a demanding five-day event where athletes complete at least a marathon distance a day! This is an event that Revolution Sports Injuries Clinic supports every year and provides graduate sports therapists to offer injury diagnosis and treatment as well as sports massage.

This year the event was made even more difficult by the heat wave that Britain experienced at the end of May. Never the less the event was yet again, a great success!

What is the Veterans Charity?

The Veterans Charity focuses on providing direct support in the form of what we call 'modest provisions', anything from a wheelchair, mattress or bath-lift to everyday items like TVs, microwaves, clothing and food and even bicycles.

We have helped many Veterans to get the things that we often take for granted but, when provided quickly, can make a real difference to how they live. For many former service personnel, it can be difficult to make ends meet and to cope with the pressures of life. The Veterans Charity has helped to make life better for those who have served our country and now need our help. We have also provided advice to Veterans who simply don’t know which way to turn next and need some guidance.

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Adam Dobson - Revolution Sports Injuries

Adam Dobson started Revolution Health after finishing  a BSc (hons) degree in Sports Therapy at the University of Chichester

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