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Lisa's Channel Swim

In September 2011 Lisa Auchinvole owner of tfd health & fitness club, Wantage will swim the English Channel from England to France. ‘Lisa’s Channel Swim’ campaign hopes to raise urgent funds towards research into finding a potential cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

School friends of Lisa’s, Trudi & Steve Carpenter have a son who suffers with the Duchenne variant of Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) & are supporting Lisa to ensure every penny raised goes directly to the heart of the research, which could make a dramatic difference to their son’s life.


The Channel crossing is approximately 21 miles in a straight line but often swimmers are dragged by the tides which has in the past extended the swim to over 30 miles.  Lisa’s training has to date been in the Endless pool at tfd

but training will now include regular open water swims to get acclimatised to the lower water temperatures.  The expected temperature of the sea in September is between 15ºC & 18ºC. The swim will start in the dark between 2 & 3am and the rules of the Channel Swimming Association are that the swimmer must enter the water from the shoreline, wearing only a single thickness standard swimming costume, hat, goggles & grease! The swimmer must not be in physical contact with any person or object during the swim & must walk onto the shoreline & touch rock on land at the other end in order for the swim to be verified.

Lisa added “Training is going well but the cold showers & baths have been a test!  I had a 6 hour swim in Lake Windermere at the end of June so my focus now is getting used to the cold & covering the weekly distances I’ve set myself.  People keep asking what I think about whilst I’m swimming for so long but it’s like any distance challenge, you have to keep motivating your mind to get you through the tough bits.  I haven’t even touched the surface of those yet but will be in the coming weeks and months”.

Revolution Sports Injuries Clinic is very pleased to be able to provide the official sport therapy support for Lisa throughout her training.


If you would like to sponsor Lisa and the great cause she is doing the swim for go to:

Adam Dobson - Revolution Sports Injuries

Adam Dobson started Revolution Health after finishing  a BSc (hons) degree in Sports Therapy at the University of Chichester

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