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Causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

There are a number of possible causes. It is important to correctly diagnose this because otherwise treatment will be less affective.

The main factors include:

  • Traumatic wrist injury such as a sprain or fracture.
  • Repetitive activity
  • Pregnancy, this can cause increased fluid retention.
  • Congenital, some people has smaller, narrower carpal tunnels

CTS is three times more common in woman compared with men. There is also a higher prevalence in people with diabetes as well as other conditions, which directly affect the nervous system.

Carpal Tunnel Symptoms

CTS usually has a gradual onset, it may affect one or both wrists. It can begin with only night pain.  Other symptoms include:
  • Dull ache at wrist and forearm
  • Pain in thumb and fingers, excluding the little finger
  • Weakness in fingers and hand
  • Worse at night
  • Pain radiates into forearm, elbow and wrist.

Diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel

If you suspect that you may have CTS you should visit an injury professional such as sports therapist, physiotherapist or doctor. They will be able to give you a correct diagnosisTreatment of Carpal Tunnel SyndromeInitially, total rest is required. This may involve immobilizing the wrist using a support. Cryotherapy and anti inflammatory’s, may also be required.
Following this phase, stretching and strengthening exercises should be used to help reduce of its reoccurrence, these should be prescribed by a sports therapist or physiotherapist.
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