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Ankle Syndesmosis

I have seen a lot of patients with ankle syndesmosis, I find that this goes undiagnosed a lot of the time and tends to be why patients with other ankle ligament injuries don't recover.

What is it?

Ankle Syndesmosis refers to the Syndesmosis or Syndesmotic ligament which connects the tibia and the fibula bones from the knee joint to the ankle joints. The tibia is the larger bone in the shin and takes most of the load when weight bearing. The fibula is the smaller bone on the outside of the leg.


What is Frozen Shoulder?

Diagnosis and treatment for this your physiotherapist or sports therapist can assist you.....  

What is ‘frozen shoulder’ and what causes the condition?

shoulderpainFrozen shoulder’ is medically known as ‘Adhesive Capsuilitis’.  It is a condition which involves the connective tissue surrounding the shoulder, the capsule. The shoulder capsule is an envelope of tissue that surrounds the shoulder joint which can become inflamed and result in tightening and scarring of the shoulder joint capsule. It is thought that some scar tissue forms in the shoulder capsule.


Foam rollers for massaging tight muscle

This month I am talking about foam rollers. This is a simple piece of kit; it is a cylinder shaped piece of foam, which can be used for Myofascial release and massaging tight muscles. I am promoting this for all my sports massage patients to aid the benefits of a sports massage, between sessions.

The foam roller not only assists to stretch muscles and their tendons, but can also help to breakdown adhesions in the tissue as well as scar tissue. By using your own body weight on the roller you can perform a basic self – massage. This can release trigger points soothe sore muscles whilst increasing blood flow and circulation to the soft tissue.


The Functional Core

The past month has very busy at our clinic as well as summer events that we are involved with. Not only are our staff now trained to use Dry Needling in our clinic, which involved some intensive training with a great training provider called Club Physio but we have been out in the field working with athletes at events such as The Forces March which is 5 marathon distances over 5 days.

We also have a ex patient and athlete who's charity is supported by Revolution Sports Injuries Clinic currently cycling across the USA for a charity called Sea2Sea. More on these great events and athletes in my later blogs.

This month's article is going to look at the major muscles of the core, the principals of how the core works and the forces that are exerted on the structures around it.


The Mechanics of the Pelvis and Sacroiliac Joint

I am going to do a series of articles covering the pelvis and sacroiliac joint (SIJ), this will be followed by an article on the causes of injury.

The final article will look at the effect that core strength and correct muscular balance has on the stability of the pelvis and the lower back. This first article will look at the pelvis as well as the sacroiliac joint.


Hamstring Injuries

This month I am going to talk about hamstring stains. This injury has made the news recently when Leicester Tigers RFC of the Aviva Premiership lost two of their stars – Manu Tuilagi and Louis Deacon both with hamstring strains during their win over Worcester on December 27th.

There have been many studies looking at the frequency of hamstring strains in sport. Studies have found that as a percentage hamstring injuries peak at 33% of lower limb injuries in 16-25 year olds and they most often occur in sports where the hamstrings can be stretched eccentrically at high speed (1, 2). 

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